Cock Sucking 101

Kinglizard © 1995

This treatise is about Fellatio, Oral Sex, Blow Jobs, or simply Cock-Sucking. There is nothing that you can do which more clearly shows your love for your Master than to worship His cock!  For some, the act of sucking upon His cock is a powerful symbol of submission as well.

For a submissive, the most important thing in love making should be to give your Master pleasure. If you show initiative and imagination in giving pleasure, you will receive your Master?s smiles and the fulfillment of  both your physical and emotional needs.  The sensations and the pleasures your Mouth, Tongue, and Throat, can create are different from those of your hands, vagina, or anus. 

I have taken the trouble to write this for two reasons...
One... The sad fact is, despite honest passion and willingness, some servants do not have the slightest idea of how to suck a cock properly.

Two.. Personally, I have trained myself to be very sensitive in order to enjoy the slightest nuances and subtleties of sensation.  If you are too enthusiastic and vigorous it can easily become uncomfortable or even painful to Me.

So let us begin with some basics

First things first.... LOOK at your Master's cock..
Take His penis in your hands and look closely at it.  Be gentle, and use your eyes and your body language and facial expression, to convince your Master that you relish the chance to give Him such pleasure and that you consider touching and sucking His cock to be a special treat.
When you first start to touch Him, His cock will probably start to become hard. Take your time, enjoy His pleasure, every so often your eyes should glance briefly into His eyes and back to His Cock. 

Begin with gentle touches and soft kisses and licks.  Note the important parts that are most sensitive to stimulation by your lips and tongue and remember that even if it stays quite soft, your Master's pleasure while being lovingly handled and sucked will still be profound.  your Master will not be likely to remain soft under these circumstances for long  because you are worshiping His very essence..

Take a close look at the bulbous tip of His cock, the head or Glans is generally slightly larger in diameter than the shaft.  The outside perimeter where the head joins the shaft of the penis is the corona. This is usually the most sensitive area of the penis. This cap on the end of the penis holds the majority of never endings and therefore, provides your Master with a high degree of stimulation when caressed either manually or with your tongue.  Direct much of your attention to this raised  ridge around the head and to the smooth skin of the Glans itself but take care as this is very sensitive when aroused and should be kept lubricated and touched gently.

Below the penis nestled within a small bag of sensitive skin called the scrotum, are the testicles or balls.  The testicles are EXTREMELY sensitive to PAIN and are not usually considered subject to erotic stimulation to any degree.  Licking the sack or mouthing the balls GENTLY is sometimes pleasant, but use GREAT CARE.

So LOOK at your Master's penis. Study it. Learn where it is especially sensitive and be ready to demonstrate your knowledge and practice your skill with your tongue, your lips, and your throat, when you bend your head over and take His wonderful cock into your mouth. 

I am surprised by the number of servants who are enthusiastic and eager to give head to their Master, yet do not realize that the shaft of the penis does not have many nerve endings and does not provide great pleasure when stimulated.  Some seem to think that simply by making a vagina of her mouth, closing it around her Master's penis, and bobbing her head vigorously up and down makes her an expert cock sucker.  This is totally wrong and for Me, unpleasant and sometimes painful!

Considerable skill is required to suck your Master's cock and provide Him with the highest degree of pleasure possible.  If you have taken that opportunity to LOOK at His penis and have taken the time to observe His reactions and responses while touching and licking His cock, and perhaps even ask your Master what parts of His penis turn Him on. (Asking never hurts, and shows your desire to be pleasing and your concern for Him.)

Now you begin the blow job with earnest attention to details and eager enthusiasm.  A kneeling position will suffice but it is also effective when your Master is resting on His back and your head is directly over His cock.  You may experiment with facing up or down to see what angle works best for comfort and erotic stimulation.

By this time your Master's cock should be at least twice it's flaccid size and rising eagerly toward the ceiling....  You may wish to cup His balls in one hand, GENTLY, and begin by using only the tip of your tongue, to lick softly, but carefully along the entire underside of His erect dick.

As you slurp and kiss along the under side of His shaft your Master will provide you with vivid clues about His level of enjoyment and you will quickly learn those areas that give Him the greatest pleasure when your tongue is touching them. The most sensitive area will usually be the point where the ring of the head and the foreskin are attached.  Paying particular attention to this area with continuous licking and tapping with your tongue will bring forth a wonderful climax for your Master, and a delicious treat for you.  

Sucking up and down on the shaft is only mildly pleasant compared with allowing the Glans and corona to slide deeply and slowly into your throat and be smoothly caressed by the back of your mouth and tongue.

As your Master begins to build toward climax you will see and feel changes in His penis.  In time and with practice, you will learn these signs so that you can prepare to receive His ejaculation properly. The shaft and head of  His cock may swell and throb rhythmically in response to your movements  There will be increases tension in His thighs and legs, and He may thrust His hips forward.  Several drops of prostatic fluid, sometimes called pre-cum, will be seen or felt at the tip of His penis. When you see this or feel this you know that His pleasure is intense and ejaculation may be imminent. 

I suggest that you try slipping His stiff cock inside your mouth but do not tighten your lips too much around the shaft. With your head begin a slight circular motion The head of His cock will slide to different places and rub against your mouth as you continue the motion. The motions may be alternated clockwise and counter-clockwise and combined with suction, in a slow purposeful manner. Watch your teeth on this one! 

My particular pleasure is to be swallowed gently into the depth of My servants throat and simply allow her soft palate and throat to gently milk the head of My cock, with no in and out motion at all.  If this is continued for long, you will receive your reward with a cry of pleasure and a splash of ejaculate directly into your throat.

Now about semen and swallowing:

My servants have reported that cum can taste bad at times and at other times tastes wonderful.  The taste of semen is dependent upon what your Master has had to eat, spices, and salt and other ingredients can change the taste.  If you find that certain foods cause your Master's cum to taste bad, then avoid those foods.  If you find it distasteful, I suggest you simply swallow quickly and enjoy your Master's pleasure.  Semen contains mostly protein which is good for you and there is nothing in a Man's ejaculate that is harmful to swallow or to touch.  In fact, in earlier times, Men's cum sold for a high price. Ladies used to apply semen to their face and body as a beauty cream or to remove wrinkles. 

Added thoughts:
your Master is excited by many things.  One powerful emotional and erotic stimulant is scent.  Always be clean when making love and wear your Master's  favorite scents, or simply the clean smell of soap and shampoo.  If your Master is sweaty or dirty, a good servant will prepare a bath and enjoy bathing Him before other erotic activity. 
Be appealing visually as well.  Learn to dress and undress yourself in ways that appeal to your Master.  Groom yourself according to His preferences and watch his reaction to your movements, but be careful not to stare.

A D/s relationship is like any otherrelationship in many ways.  Do not forget to share your excitement, communicate with your Master.  Tell Him how much you love to please Him and how much He pleases you.

Following these instructions and learning your Master's personal preferences will make you a valuable and treasured servant.   And feeling your Master's cock swell and throb within your mouth and throat, then tasting His hot semen as it spurts forth into or onto your body should evoke great pleasure within your soul.

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