I require anyone who engages Me to keep a JOURNAL as writing and reviewing is very helpful and will clarify your thinking...

These are a few Quotations and personal thoughts, copied from My personal Journals, offered in the spirit of sharing and with the hope you can find as much joy and peace in the D/s lifestyle as My small family has.

Ethics and Success:
While some may think you can buy success and happiness, I disagree.
In fact one cannot secure emotional fulfillment with technology, talent, skill or financial werewithal. Whether in business or in everyday life, personal intention and attention must be mobilized to assure success and happiness, and methods matter every bit as much as results.
Personal fulfillment comes as much from the process of pursuing excellence as the outcome. A consistent quest for excellence fosters the qualities we describe as a person's values or character. High ethical standards, i.e; integrity, fairness, honesty, and determination to do what's right, do make a significant difference in our everyday life.
I believe that humans instinctively know that personal excellence, pride and dignity are not simply the result of random good fortune, and results cannot be considered excellent if we are not proud of the means we choose and the effort we expend.

No servant can be valuable to her Master until she is valuable to herself.
The "feeling" of being valuable, that is, the emotional conviction and cognitive awareness, of personal worthiness, is essential to mental health and is a cornerstone of self-discipline.
In fact self-discipline reflects the fact that you honestly feel valuable and take care of yourself in all ways that are important and necessary.
When you do, the gift of submission to your Master becomes a "Pearl of great price."

"Operations of thought are like cavalry charges in a battle, they are strictly limited in number, they require fresh horses, and must only be made at decisive moments. Civilization advances by extending the number of operations which we can perform without thinking about them."
(Alfred North Whitehead, Philosopher)

"When tears come, I breath deeply and rest.
I know I am swimming in a hallowed stream where many have gone before.
I am not alone, crazy, or having a nervous breakdown.....
My heart is at work, my soul is awake."
(Mary Margaret Funk, psychologist)

QUOTES from William Blake:
Those who restrain desire do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained.
You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough.
The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.
The most sublime act is to set another before you.
Those who are deaf to the music, think the dancer's are mad.

FLOW and Happiness:
We often think/feel that so called "Important things"... Family, Health, Job, the Economic situation, etc. are where we must place our attention and we need not bother with the mundane efforts of common activities, such things as how we hold our fork or washing the car....

FLOW is the state of mind that exists while you are paying attention to this moment. It is neither happy or sad. It is a timeless fascination with your personal intent. How am I sitting in this chair? How does it feel and taste when I brush My teeth? Isn't it interesting the way the dust moves when I sweep? Look at the colors of the carrot I am slicing for My dinner?

"People are itchy and lost and bored and quick to jump at any fix. Why is there such a vast self-help industry in this country? Why do all these 'selves' need help?
They have been deprived of something by our psychological culture. They have been deprived of the sense that there is something else in life, some purpose that has come with them into the world."
(James Hillman, Psychologist)

The mind and the world are opposites, and the vision arises where they meet. When your mind doesn't stir inside, the world doesn't arise outside.
When the world and the mind are both transparent, this is true vision, and such understanding is true understanding.

Gautama Buddha said:
"Each Moment of life is absolute in itself. That is all there is."

Happiness arises from attention and intention... Attention to each moment and Intention to live within it!

It will never be My intention to allow another to serve Me at the expense of her own happiness.
I am her Master only to enhance and foster her well being give her peace, and fulfill her personal agenda.