MEMORIES: (Kinglizard 1989)
Gifts to be held within her heart.
Glowing embers of living and loving.
The very reason for hearts after all.

WALLS: (Kinglizard 2000)
Too often disappointed, she learns to build walls in childhood. No tears fall from sad eyes when no one is allowed within the walls.
To guard her tender heart, she becomes a mason of emotional stones. Surely, slowly, the walls grow thick, black, and tall.
The years sweep by and her body grows old and a heart kept safe inside the walls grows cold when no sun shines upon it.
One day, too late, an old woman sees the laughing, sentimental, girl in the mirror. Rolling sensuously with a lover who left her with only memories. His cruelty was remembered, while the joy they shared was forgotten.

my Lion King ("littleone" 1999)
Dedicated to my Master

He is large and powerful This Lion King of mine.
So Majestic and Noble!
His Regal Bearing full of Pride he gazes over his den of lionesses...
Each waiting her turn to please His Royal Highness.
He roars His command and, she obeys, knowing that to refuse is to invite a swat of His powerful paw across her backside.
At the end of the day...
Or the end of His play...
He uses those same paws to draw His lioness close, allowing her next to His powerful chest to feel and hear the comforting beat of His Lion Heart and know the protection that is His.

To Rawikatie: (Kinglizard, 2000)
The tiny dark girl seemed confused, nervous, doubtful.
curling and wriggling like a small minnow caught on a hook.
Tucked against the darkest wall of the bright room,
Legs wrapped with her arms, she cradled herself, rocking.
He captured her attention but she could not bear to look at him for long.
Tall, wide, imposing, He held out his arms in gentle promise.
Dark eyes, wide and darting everywhere but into His, she nearly cried.
Emotions and desire scintillating through her mind/body.
He moved with sure steps to her and pulled her up into His arms.
Unable to stop, but unwilling to go, she felt trapped.... yet safe.
His arms gave her no choice, yet she knew she could run.
Slowly her heart calmed and her small body eased it's shaking.
He lay upon the bed, inviting her company, without threat.
At last she crawled up and embraced her Master.
The fear that blocked her breath was gone and with it, all doubt.
What remained within her soul was desire for what she knew was right.
Tentatively she reached for buttons and fumbled to reveal His chest.
His firm touch upon her back, gave permission to touch, scent, explore.
Shivering, with nervous desire, she felt the heart beat beneath His broad chest.
Gently, she tasted his flesh and felt his arousal press against her quivering belly.
At last the Months of waiting and wondering are behind them....!

"FEELINGS" (glissade, 2000)
How can i adequately describe how i feel when in His arms.....
The things that fly through my mind in milliseconds..
the physical changes..
the emotional changes...
the psychological changes...
that happen to me whenever i hear, think, feel, say His name...
How can i adequately let Him know how He has changed my life..
given it purpose.. meaning in ways that were unknown to me...

i am His..
i am His completely...
i am His..
i am His totally...
i am His..
i am His physically...
i am His..
i am his emotionally...
i am His..
i am His psychologically...
i am His..
i am His OASIS
i am His..

This POEM came to Me nearly fully formed in about 15 minutes following a National Geographic Special on Cats..  "Felis Beiti" is the Mongolian Desert Cat, 12 to 15 Pounds with gold fur. The Males have a mane like a lion.

Beiti's Quest... Kinglizard © 1998

Across Central Asia's windblown waste,
with feline grace she moves.
A steady trot betrays her haste,
her need to mate behooves.

The small gold, cat is beiti,
she swims, as well as climbs.
her claws can gain her purchase
upon the highest limbs.

The sight her deepest golden eyes,
perceives as silent fear.
Do stir the ardor in her thighs,
her Mate, the King is near!

His nostrils flare to feel her scent,
His senses razor keen.
He searches, peers, with sharp intent,
to find his little queen.

Across a stone-filled, rushing stream,
she senses His desire.
The water she must cross, between,
begins to quench her fire.

His voice, a growl, most urgent,
renews her strength and will.
she plunges in, with pure intent,
to offer Him his fill!

Her golden fur and black striped tail
fluff warm and soft, when dry.
Beiti fears her strength will fail,
her mews turn into cries.

Fatigue begins to fill her soul,
as water closes in.
The rushing wash, does take a toll.
She sinks, too tired, to swim.

Ice water wraps her golden head,
as hungry heart begins to melt.
her soul's not given up for dead,
at last the rocky bottom's felt.

Those claws, so perfect, for the kill,
sink desperately into the bank.
She scrambles up, her lungs to fill,
and crawls ashore all cold and dank.

There, at last, He stands with grace,
His dark gold mane shines bright.
Dripping, dirty, she sees His face,
and darkness becomes light.

The wet without, is now within,
her sad coat matters not.
she presents her humble self to Him,
and feels His fever, hot!

As blossoms on the sweetest flower,
her secrets do unfold.
And deep within she feels His Strength.
His heat replaces cold.

Pleasure, aches in deepest heart,
that ancient joy and bliss.
The link to time's primordial start,
when first, two sexes kissed.

With shivers like the coldest night.
she feels her Master at her door.
His weight she bears and then His bite,
He moves into her deepest core.

His thrusts are swift, she arches back.
At last she feels His boiling seed,
beiti's soft, wet, soul explodes.
Fulfillment, calm, replaces need.

Her MASTER'S liquid, cures and salves.
It mixes with beiti's brines.
His roars and growls diminish and
her soft mews, turn to whines.

His pleasure, washes all the soil,
her heart soars with His presence.
The swim, The fear, The endless toil,
have earned His precious essence.

Bad girl-Good girl Kinglizard © 1998

I told a novice submissive to meet Me at a local Hotel Lounge, at a certain time.
She was late.. Baaad girl...!

I instructed her to go to the restroom and remove her panties, and bring them to Me.
She did as I instructed.. Good girl..!

Instead of putting them into My pocket, as she expected, I spread them out on the table top.
She protested..Baaad Girl!

She was a bit red faced but calmed down and sat quietly, as I explained that I expected her to be prompt, compliant, demure, and exhibit humility, as well as demonstrate pride in serving Me well.

We were in a dimly lit lounge and probably no one except the waitress noticed the lacy black "coaster" I had under My drink.

The band was good, so despite her polite pleas to return to our room, I decided to enjoy the "ambiance." for a while.

I playfully touched her very wet pussy at every opportunity, but I was discreet. (I don't want to get arrested) By the end of the evening she was drenched and I'm pretty sure that those who were seated near us could smell her sex in the air. She has since told Me she was extremely excited by the thought that many strangers knew she was being fondled under the table.

As the evening came to an end, I "tipped" the band by raising the hem of her skirt and discreetly exposing her very fine and firm little butt to them, as we danced. She giggled and the "Front Man" nearly choked on his lyrics.

We returned to our room and I allowed her to shower with Me, she was instructed to soap my back and wash and rub my feet with lotion..(she was very happy to oblige.) I did not let her touch Me in a sexual way..(she really, wanted to.)

Finally, after three hours of frequent stimulation of her Naked Pussy, I told her she had been a "Good Girl" and I spread her out on the bed.

I tied her wrists loosely behind her (so she could not touch Me) and I began to touch, kiss and lick her body. I spent at least 15 minutes (Who times these things?) slowly teasing her without tasting her gushing cunt. When I finally touched her clit with the tip of my tongue she bucked her hips trying to get more...BAAAD GIRL.

I stopped and glared sternly at her.."do you want Me to suck your pussy?" I said.
"Yes Sir".. she said, "Please..Sir, suck my pussy, I know I was bad, but I promise to try harder."

I told her to be very still and feel the sensations of her body. I said, "DO NOT try to make the pressure more! DO NOT squeeze your thighs together! LIE STILL and I will control your orgasm!"

When I began to kiss and suck her pussy it flowed like a river, she began to cum and cum and cum. She was wracked with orgasmic spasms and she began to cry. Tears ran down her cheeks as I mounted her and slowly slid my hot, fat, prick into her soaked cunt. She was sooooo hot, wet and slippery from the long wait and the extended tension, it felt like I had slipped MY fat cock into a bowl of hot pudding. I could feel her soft pussy boiling and throbbing around My rock-hard cock as I sprayed into her core, and another orgasm shook her body.

She continued to sob softly for several minutes afterward as I lay across her feeling her heart pounding in her chest.

I'm pretty damn sure the tears weren't from pain.