Some are confused and some are just lazy!


Learning a new idea or concept can be difficult, whether it's a cognitive learning experience, like advanced mathmatics, a physical skill, like catching and throwing a ball, or an emotional response like controlling anger. Certainly, humans are adaptable and we can change our responses to accommodate things we are taught, BUT the basic aspects of D/s feelings and behavior are rooted in evolutionary biology.

I feel that most of the things I have learned and tried to share with others in the BDSM, D/s, and Alternate Life styles, are inherent, instinctive, things. That is; Emotional reactions that are biologically programmed. They are part of what I call "Reptile Wisdom," things we just know, without being taught.

Many women think that passivity is the same as submission. This is a cultural affectation and in my view it is the furthest thing from the truth. We all know that Mother Nature selects the best traits for survival and passivity is an extremely poor survival technique. Simply letting someone use you without resisting may bring some mutual pleasure, but it won't help you to form or sustain a long-term emotional bond with a man.

The essence of Humanity lies in our species unique ability to make choices that can alter our environment as well as our relationships. Our early ancesters lived in closely bonded Clans and Tribes. In fact, the most successful females seek out a appropriate male and actively seduce him. She instinctively knows that it's critically important to choose the best mate and use the female traits nature provided to forge a strong and lasting relationship with him. Master's and Johnson called this the "Pleasure Bond."

I won a competive internship while I was in College and it was My priviledge to spend several months at the Yerkes Primate Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. While I was there I observed Lowland Gorilla behavior in as close to a natural setting as possible. I assure you that these higher primates clearly demonstrate submission isn't passive! Females actively seek the biological rewards for finding and bonding with an Alpha male. It's impossible to ask a young female gorilla what she "feels" when she successfully mates with "Willy" the Dominant Male, but one can observe the effort she puts into stalking and enticing Him..! And one can clearly see the pleasure and security she enjoys from that bond.