The warm, smooth, rocks here are an ideal place to bask in the sun and consider the facts and myths about social attachments and bonding. 

I am proud to be an intellectual reference, spiritual guide, and personal mentor, to many people who explore and enjoy so called, "Alternative Lifestyles."

If you wish to understand and integrate your deepest instincts and heart-felt emotions, into a modern lifestyle.... please stay awhile and wander around My site.

I hope visitors will find insights and wisdom in my words and perhaps become aware of intellectual, spiritual, creative, and sensual, feelings that may be missing from their lives.  

As both a scientist with extensive academic knowledge and a man who has practiced the D/s lifestyle for more than 30 years, I  am happy to engage in a dialog with anyone who demonstrates intellectual curiosity, emotional maturity, courtesy, and respect for Me and My family. 


I was born an "Alpha" Male, but it took me many years to understand and accept this genetic gift, along with the responsibility that comes with being naturally Dominant and a born leader. 

As a young boy, My innate charisma attracted many other people to Me. My friends and many adults, deferred to Me in subtle ways. Others seemed to imply some vague  purpose for Me. Even My parents and Teachers seemed to seek My acceptance and approval.  I was confused about My role and I tried to fit in with friends and siblings but I had no idea what people expected from Me.

As an mature adult, I have learned to appreciate being an Alpha Male. People intuitively recognize Me and respond with instinctive and very specific expectations.  I am always the central focus of any group and My presence can be a powerful influence for peace and harmony.

So read on My friend., Learn a bit about social/sexual Dominance and submission.

These natural and powerful emotions are as meaningful in today's world as ever.  Perhaps you will begin to appreciate feelings and behaviors that are misunderstood and often maligned in today's cultures. 

When you experience these things, do not feel ashamed or perverted. Remember these are the instincts, emotions, and behavior patterns, that served our tribal ancestors well.  They arise from biological adaptations that foster social bonding, responsibility, cooperation and ultimately, what we call love.

AND...  Whatever path you may choose in your life, I urge you to demonstrate respect and acceptance to those who choose another.

Remember the ESSENCE of Humanity is in the choices you make.   DO THE RIGHT THING!

A few meaningful Quotes:

DISCIPLINE:  "Discipline is a bad word in our culture. People associate it with having to what they're told. But, discipline is quite a lovely word, it derives from the word means seeing yourself through the eyes of a Teacher who loves you."  (Marion Woodman MD. Ph.D.)

"An unexamined life, is a wasted life."  (Socrates) 

"Things forbidden have a secret charm."  (Tacitus) 

Danger and delight grow on one stalk.  (Old English Proverb) 

"Those who restrain desire do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained."   (William Blake) 

"We must learn from the mistakes of others... We don't live long enough to make them all for ourselves!"  (Sam Levinson) 

"Doubt is a thief that makes us fear to tread where we might have won."  (William Shakespeare) 

"The most sublime act is to set another before yourself."  (William Blake) 

"Power is nothing without control"  (Pirelli tire commercial)

"Wisdom is thrust upon us with age and experience, no matter how diligently we may try to avoid it" (Samual Clemens aka Mark Twain)


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