Master's "VOICE"

What you hear, is only a fraction of what is Intended in communication and what you feel may have nothing to do with the words you hear.  In fact, My "Voice" is often completely silent to a stranger, yet clearly understood by My servant.

When I speak of My “Voice” I am referring to much more than sound waves originating in My vocal chords and passing through the air into your ears.  My Voice, includes the thoughts and intentions within My mind which will directly influence your mind. This effect can also be referred to as Directed Intention, Allure, Enthrallment, even Charisma.


The ability of a true genetic Alpha to convey the emotional essence of Dominance and even specific information without specific vocalization, through inflection and intuitive understanding is perhaps the least understood, most illusive or mystical concept of D/s. The influence I have upon strangers is often significant and My directed intent can be felt powerfully by My servant and has s profound effect upon her..


The effect of “Directed intention” is to open a conduit of communication between Master and servant.  The signals can be compared to a radio or TV broadcast. A submissive seeking a Dominant partner, willingly tunes in to His frequency and listens to see if she likes the program.  If He finds her appealing, He may adjust his programming to entice her to stay tuned. 


Sadly, being a good match does NOT mean that the Dominant she tunes in is necessarily a good person, it merely means that intuitive, instinctive, aspects of both of them are well aligned.


Bonding is the process of attachment between Master and servant and it often begins as simple, intuitive awareness of our roles as counterparts. This initial connection of the mind/spirit/body between Master and servant is often instantaneous, when they first sense each other.  An initial stage of mutual excitement is triggered, which produces specific chemicals, polypeptides that circulate in the brain and body, resulting in a mood of euphoria and a sense of anticipation. This is the basic, instinctive, recognition of a proper mating candidate.


Before a long term, healthy relationship can develop, this initial fascination or curiosity must be followed by frequent contacts that serve to reinforce the D/s bond.   What occurs during the bonding process following this intuitive KNOWING or recognition of roles, is a combination of shared thoughts, detailed tutoring, emotional re-patterning, and much more.  What I try to do during this period has effects similar to a psychological technique called “Cognitive behavior Therapy” (CBT)  The physical pleasures of sex and togetherness are combined with negotiation, reasoning, logical understanding, sharing visions of our future and a deepening commitment and understanding of our D/s bond.


My servant should understand that bonding affects Her Master as much as it does her although the intensity may appear to be stronger to her.  This is because she is actively receiving more than she is sending.  Those females who practice the Gorean style of BDSM-D/s call this “seeking her belly,” a term that can be easily understood, as this feeling is experienced in her lower pelvis, the solar plexus, and is often a deeply physical sensation of anticipation or emptiness.  The science of this is based upon her body’s reaction to specific polypeptides she produces and releases, as her limbic mind responds to her Master’s influence and presence.


Following My initial contact with an appropriate candidate.  I become acutely aware of her.  Our comfort with each other is apparent and I can actually feel the impact of my voice on her.  In time, I learn, through a sort of biofeedback, to groom My physical voice, I may discover particular inflections and effective combinations of words which mitigate any resistance she may have to Me. The effect of this is to interact with and eventually access control of her emotional programming,  Mood is also communicated and we are frequently able to share emotional and even specifically objective experiences without verbalizing them.  This kind of communication is fostered and enhanced during periods of intense sexual pleasure (Sometimes referred to as sub-space.) when her limbic mind is so engaged that it virtually eliminates all resistance and even cognitive thought.  I have heard a servant describe this initial influence as a bit alarming or overwhelming, but I never seek to attack her independence or her basic value systems.


I am an egalitarian Master and I try to be as receptive to and respectful of My servant’s thoughts and feelings as she is to Mine.  I avoid weak or simple girls and seek those who can understand and hopefully embrace My ideology.  I want our emotional connection to be both enthralling and comforting to her and I expect and hope she responds with joy and love.

General Thoughts and Comments about VOICE

ABUSE: Some Dominants utilize the power of their “Voice” to produce effects similar to so called “brainwashing” techniques used by religious or political groups. This is usually accomplished through the creation and application of strict “rules” in the relationship.  The Dominant will demand compliance to a set of specific behavior and thought patterns and will employ frequent contact, repetitious sounds, commands, and physical demands or punishment to reinforce His influence.  From the submissive's perspective, every decision she makes will be simple, as her only concern is to follow ORDERS.  This is more like an indoctrination or submissive “boot camp” than the beginning of a “relationship” of mutual respect for the role of each.  In many cases the Dominant becomes a so called “Svengali” or “Guru” and can be so powerful that He is perceived, in her eyes, as a God-like entity.  I am sad to say that some women find this very attractive, as they may equate submission with passive acceptance of a “sub-human” existence and wish to be relieved of all responsibility for their own life’s decisions.  When this happens, I deplore it and consider it a form of force, capture, or non‑consensual bondage.

GENETICS: There is no doubt that the power of a Dominant's “presence” is to a great extent genetic and that most powerful and effective Dominants come from historical blood lines of Alpha Males.  These true Alphas are born with the ability to wield their Voice far more effectively than subordinate males.  Similarly, some women are born with the ability to Perceive more acutely and transmit their emotions more clearly than others.  These Alpha females are often confused as they tend to be both more dominant and yet potentially more deeply submissive, as well.  The potential for pleasure and a stronger connection that can grow into a life long bond makes a female who can clearly hear My directed intent and respond to Me powerfully, with her own voice, the most desirable of servants.

ETHICS: Within the BDSM-D/s community, a Dom is expected to keep His broadcast volume low and avoid projecting Intention toward any submissive other than His own.  It is certainly possible for a submissive that is bonded and attached to a specific Dominant to be attracted to, or even taken by, a true genetic Alpha with markedly stronger voice than her Master.  This occurs rarely, as it is considered extremely bad form for one Dom to trespass upon a relationship or influence the servant of another.

HEARING OTHERS:  In day-to-day life, genuine Alphas find that they can hear most subordinate people.  This can create problems when the Dominant KNOWS that a weaker person is in trouble.  In the vanilla world, an Alpha Male or female may be caught in situations where their senses tend to trigger the protective aspect of the Alpha persona into action, sometimes on behalf of a total stranger.  I often must draw a curtain around my mind when I am in a crowded public place, simply to protect My senses from the cacophony of disturbing emotional stimulation I perceive from strangers.

INFLUENCING OTHERS:  Conversely, a pre‑disposition to transmit or project intention upon others may be triggered by outside influences.  Alpha people can and do exert significantly stronger effects upon peers, friends, family, co-workers, and even total strangers.  I instinctively and intuitively use My Voice to influence external situations in all area's of My life.  I realize that subtle manipulation and to some extent control radiates outward from Me.  As My life passes I learn even more effective ways to influence actions, or perhaps it’s better to say reactions, in other people.  I try to use this influence ethically and am careful to affect the outcome of events in the most positive way I can.

SEPARATING:  When a Dom and sub are deeply bonded there is a physical sensation of His being within her and both can feel the sensation of this vital “presence.”  Consequently, they will find it quite difficult to detach or escape the influence of this duality even when both submissive and Dominant willfully agree to separate.  In fact, to sever the D/s bond is physically painful for both and they will frequently re-experience the sensations. The effort to detach must be consistent, persistent and both must make a commitment to end all contact for a considerable time.  It has been My experience that eventually the Voice will become quieter and less influential, but once the Bond is established, a servant may continue to be susceptible to My influence all her life and our “connection” may continue to exist forever.