Who is Kinglizard... and what makes Him so damn smart?

I knew there was something unusual about me from My earliest memories.  My parents and other adults seemed to be trying to please me and expected "something" in return.  I was uncertain what?  Other children deferred to me in almost every situation.  I was never threatened or bullied and I never felt any need to bully others.  To this day, I have never experienced a physical dispute or altercation with anyone. I was enrolled in Kindergarten at the age of 5 years and 1 month.  I skipped Third grade and during My Fourth grade year, after being identified as having an IQ in the 99th Percentile, I began to participate in a PITT University study of High IQ children called "Project Talent."  I still fill out an annual Questionnaire from PITT.

I graduated from High School without any particular ambitions and with average Grades.  I played Basketball and other sports, but mostly just hung out and did as little as possible. Some of My teachers were shocked when I scored 1488 on the combined SAT's.. (at that time 1600 was perfect.)  As especially capable in Math and Science, Counselors and family thought I should become an Engineer,  I wanted to join the Air Force and acquired a recommendation to the Air Force Academy through My Grandfather's connections with political big shots.   Fortunately, (anyone recall Vietnam) I couldn't pass the Physical at that time, due to a recent Kidney Surgery, so I  enrolled at Penn State University and after loafing through in 31/2 years, I graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering.  I worked for about 6 Months as a Civil Engineer for a firm in Pittsburgh and HATED it, (See the Comic strip Dilbert!)


During these years I had become a popular front man and lead vocalist with a series of mediocre "Bar Bands" (My nick name, KINGLIZARD, was bestowed upon Me by a lady friend who thought I did a good cover of Jim Morrison and the DOIORS.)   I met and married a sweet girl, Carol, who worshiped her charismatic husband and seemed content to ignore the many females that came and went, as well as My enjoyment of about every popular drug available.   Apparently, I am immune to addictions, but I eventually settled on a legal drug, a delightful Cocktail of Dark Brandy and White Creme de Menthe, called a "Stinger."   I still enjoy a refreshing alcoholic beverage from time to time, but haven't used any illegal substances since My mid-twenties. 


Early  in 1965, at the ripe old age of 21, I decided to abandon Engineering.  I was recruited into the Management Program of the nations largest Retail Chain.  I started attending college Nights and weekends to study Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology, things I actually enjoyed.  I was still confused about my odd charisma and power to seduce others and then I began to study Anthropology,  the evolution of the Brain and the effects of Dominance Hierarchies on social Animals.  The light bulbs finally lit up!  I devoured the texts and searched for more information on Social Dominance in Primates and Humans.  Alas, I found very little was published in the USA. (My first awareness of the effects of "Political Correctness" upon Scientific Research grants.)

During My 8 years with SEARS I learned a lot about My power to influence and lead others and I became a successful mid-level Manager with a budget responsibility of 3.8 Million Dollars Annually.   I divorced Carol and married Luanne, who delivered My only biological Child, Paul on Valentines day 1971.  In the fall of 1971 I left Sears and Luanne.  I paid child support for 19 years and maintain an excellent relationship with Lu and Paul, who delighted Me with a lovely Grandaughter, Lorraine, in 2005. 

I Bought My first small Business in 1972, while continuing College part time.  I excelled  in My college courses and chose to Major in Biological Anthropology.  My college work led me to participate in some research on Wolves, analyzing data for some Soviet Scientists.  The paper I wrote, won me a 6 Month Internship at the Yerkes Primate Institute. (I was slowly learning the value of diligence.)<LOL>

in 1978, I Graduated with a BS Degree in Anthropology with minors in Sociology and Psychology.  While continuing to pursue My Masters in Biological Anthropology at a local Private College, I was teaching Anthro/Soc and shortly thereafter was offered a tenure track job.  I thought about this for a few weeks, but realized that I wasn't cut out to be an Academic. (Too many impressionable and tempting Coeds!) 

I begun Investing in Rental Properties in 1966, while at SEARS, eventually owning/managing nearly 60 units.  After leaving SEARS in 1971, I  owned/operated many small Business Enterprises during the next 25 years, as well.  These included a SCUBA Diving Academy & Retail Store,  Franchised Appliance Service Companies, Hair Salons, a Ladies Health and Fitness Center, Restaurants, a small Inn/Hotel, Cocktail Lounges, and a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage.  

I partnered with My Father in designing and supervising construction of Pinecroft Golf Course, which opened in 1972 and I assisted in the operation of this family business for over 35 years.  During that time I was elected Pennsylvania's Representative/Director of the National Golf Course Owners Association for 7 consecutive 2 year terms.  I was certified as a Golf Turf Manager by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America in 1984.   I wrote many articles in Business Magazines and spoke at several Business Conferences during those years and in 1988 I began a secondary career as a Golf Business Consultant, which I still continue. 

One of My proudest lifetime achievements is earning certification as a PGA Golf Professional, in 1984.  I believe that I FINALLY began to realize the value of personal discipline and diligent effort as I worked to gain PGA status. (The hardest thing I have ever accomplished.)   In 1992-94 I served as a Director of the Central NY PGA,

Between 1988 and 1997, I designed and supervised construction of several Golf Projects, including one in Malaysia.  In 1998 and 1999 I was hired as CEO/CFO of a company that Manufactured Golf Course and Driving Range Equipment.  I brought several new products to Market for them and left when the company was sold to a Canadian firm and moved to Ontario.


I met My Wife Linda in the early 70's and together we began to intentionally integrate some of the ideas I had learned about Dominance and submission into our real life relationship.  I realized I had a Gift and with it came responsibility to treat people  in a more humane and ethical way.   I began to embrace Buddhist philosophy and resumed meditation as an important part of a renewed connection to the universe.  I started to feel "HAPPY" rather than confused about My Alpha tendencies and to enjoy My role in the lives of others.   I realized that responsibility felt "right" to Me.


THESE PAGES reflect what we believe and the ways we have tried to integrate our emotional awareness into a rational and modern lifestyle that allows us the pleasures of our Human Natures without interfering with our pursuit happiness in 21st Century Culture.   My "Servants" have learned what a "Master" can mean to them and My small Family/Tribe enjoys a unique sense of Belonging that many others seem to lack.  We are happy and fulfilled without offending others with more conventional ideas about what culture means. 

Americans are entitled to make their own choices!  DESPITE BEING WRONG. <GRIN>